What’s on my Apple Watch Face

What's on my Apple Watch Face

Ever since I gotten my Apple Watch in 2017, I have been on a quest to discover the “best” Apple Watch face combination for myself. Over the years, I find myself gravitating towards using the Apple Watch as a productive tool more than a fashion accessory. Consequently, the watch face and complications are configured to help power through my day in the most efficient manner possible.

Infograph Modular Watch Face

Out of all the available watch faces, the infograph modular watch face maintains a well balance of visibility and features of up to 5 complications (excluding date and time!). This lets me manage my thoughts, tasks and time to stay on top of my day.

Drafts (for Thoughts)

I discovered this app recently and it quickly found its spot on the top left corner of my watch face for quick access. With just two taps, you can record down a digital note either by scribbling or speaking into the Apple Watch. This serves as my “Distraction Journal” (a term coined from Thomas Frank) – a place to jot down random musings before forgetting and resuming back on my original task. This definitely helps when an idea decides to pop into my head before I sleep and reaching out for the phone to type it is too laborious (and that’s how this blog post idea was born).

Calendar (for Time)

Although there are many free and paid calendar apps in the app store, the original iOS Calendar app works perfectly in showing the next calendar item for the day. The middle spot maximises the app’s functionality by compressing the relevant information in a sweet spot for the wearer. Never miss an appointment with this setup!

Things 3 (for Tasks)

A productivity tool would not be complete without a task manager. The folks at Cultured Code did a great job for Things 3 with its clean and minimalistic interface, which I used as a GTD (Getting Things Done) tool. It used to occupy the middle spot, but have since relegated to the bottom band as the constant reminder of pending tasks became more of a distraction in the daily routine over time. Sometimes, it’s important to lift your foot off the peddle for awhile. ๐Ÿ˜„


I guess this complication needs no introduction. Aiming to close these rings has been a good source of motivation to keep fit daily!


I keep this in a corner to make sure I donโ€™t run out of juice in the middle of the day.

Hope this information helps you in configuring your own Apple Watch face to improve your productivity. Once again, thank you for reading just another guyโ€™s musings!

Icons sourced from icons8.

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