• How to Play Singapore Mahjong – Part 3
    This is Part 3 of the How to Play Singapore Mahjong series . Check out Part 1 and Part 2 here if you have missed it. In Part 3, I will share more on the Scoring and Winning of Mahjong. This part is split into following sections:3.1 Scoring3.2 Instant Payment3.3 Non-combinations3.4 Combinations3.5 Additional Points3.6 Special Conditions3.7 Paying for All3.8 Penalties 3.1 Scoring The score for the winning player is measured in Points (台 Tái). Other than forming combinations, other events (explained below) reward players with points as well. The rarer the winning combination, the more points it is worth. In … Continue reading “How to Play Singapore Mahjong – Part 3”
  • How to Play Singapore Mahjong – Part 2
    This is Part 2 of the How to Play Singapore Mahjong series . Check out Part 1 here if you have missed it. In Part 2, I will share more on the basic rules of Mahjong. This part is split into the following sections:2.1 Seat Selection2.2 Setting Up2.3 Initial Draw2.4 Replacement Draw (补花 Bǔ Huā)2.5 Player Moves2.5.1 Draw (摸牌 Mō Pái)2.5.2 Chow (吃 Chī)2.5.3 Pong (碰 Pèng)2.5.4 Kong (槓 Gàng)2.5.5 Mahjong (胡 Hú)2.5.6 Priority Order of Moves2.6 Stalemate 2.1 Seat Selection To begin the playing a Game, the players’ seats are first selected through a dice roll. There are many … Continue reading “How to Play Singapore Mahjong – Part 2”
  • How to Play Singapore Mahjong – Part 1
    Before the Crazy Rich Asians movie romanticised the Mahjong game, this fast-paced strategy tile game which originated from China had already been a long-standing pastime in the Singaporean heartlands. Wind the clocks back a decade ago, I can still recall the vague memories of my first encounter with Mahjong. During a weekend chalet with my friends back then, I decided to give a shot at the game as many said that the game teaches important life lessons 🤔. Game after game and after a long chilly night, it turned out to be a humbling experience to pay tuition fees for … Continue reading “How to Play Singapore Mahjong – Part 1”
  • About
    Nearly forgotten to update the About page in the midst of playing around with WordPress! After much thought, I decided to borrow The Golden Circle concept from Simon Sinek to introduce a little bit about this site. WHY I am just another guy living in the small sunny island of Singapore lor 😄. With some spare time on hand, I decided to start this site to share about the random musings from the daily grind. Along the way, I hope to contribute a little bit to the knowledge bubble and help someone out there in a way or another. HOW … Continue reading “About”
  • What’s on my Apple Watch Face
    Ever since I gotten my Apple Watch in 2017, I have been on a quest to discover the “best” Apple Watch face combination for myself. Over the years, I find myself gravitating towards using the Apple Watch as a productive tool more than a fashion accessory. Consequently, the watch face and complications are configured to help power through my day in the most efficient manner possible. Infograph Modular Watch Face Out of all the available watch faces, the infograph modular watch face maintains a well balance of visibility and features of up to 5 complications (excluding date and time!). This … Continue reading “What’s on my Apple Watch Face”
  • 7-Step Guide to Managing Couple Finance
    Each couple has their own playbook and no doubt, managing finances together may be one of the most challenging chapters. Many online literature touched on the broad concepts of organising couple finances (e.g. joint accounts, budget), but few shed light on the how to implement a system in a Singapore context. So, I took some time to put together a simple infographics to share a potential example of managing couple finances together. This example aims to leverage on the benefits of individuals’ high interest-rate savings account, while providing room to ease into a shared commitment arrangement for the long term. … Continue reading “7-Step Guide to Managing Couple Finance”
  • First Post!
    After the jumping through multiple hoops, this site is finally up. Created this site to share some of my daily musings along the road of lifelong learning. What a better way to start the site than to share a small nugget of knowledge learn today? 😄 Lorem Ipsum is a placeholder text commonly used to demonstrate the visual form of a document or a typeface without relying on meaningful content. So here’s one paragraph to see how will the posts look like! Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Etiam dignissim ipsum eu nisl porttitor dignissim. Sed tristique tristique … Continue reading “First Post!”